Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Family Tradition

I've never been much into family traditions.  Growing up as a kid, we didn't really have very many that I can recall.  At Christmas, though, we would open all of our presents on Christmas Eve and then the older girls would attend Midnight Mass, usually with our mother.  I remember the first time I went with just my mom to Midnight Mass.......I was 10 and I felt so grown up!

We tend to do things low key in our own home, mostly because that's just who we are.  Owen is not a fan of a lot of pomp and circumstance and neither am I.  I suppose that is probably why he still doesn't quite understand Christmas and the whole Santa/gift/tree thing.  He does love our Christmas tree this year and every time he can, he will turn it on so he can look at the lights.  He will sometimes re-arrange the ornaments too, which doesn't bother me a bit, especially since I bought shatter-proof ones, knowing that my child would be able to break a bulb before I can blink my eyes!

One tradition we have started is checking out the lights and skaters at Rice Park in downtown St. Paul ever since we moved here five years ago.  Each year, the city turns Rice Park into a magical world of lights, complete with a large Christmas-type tree, front and center.  They also set up an ice rink for outdoor ice skating.  When Owen was a baby and couldn't walk, we'd pop him into our carrier all bundled up and take a look at the lights.......I knew then that he was mesmerized by them.  Once he was walking, he enjoyed running around, checking out the lights and the large wooden boxes set up to resemble presents.

My two guys

The Landmark Building always looks like a castle to me

But his very favorite part has been watching the ice skaters, clapping and laughing as they whiz by him.  This year though, something even better was happening on the ice when we arrived for our yearly visit.  They were playing broomball!  Oh a boy and his love for anything with a ball...........and whenever the ball came close to where we were standing, Owen's excitement was palpable.  I think that visit just totally made his year!

Oh, oh, the ball is RIGHT THERE!

I'm SO happy!
Our other tradition, Christmas light stalking trips, starts over the weekend and I'm excited.  I love looking at lights and now that O does too, it's sure to be a very fun set of experiences.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!


  1. Love all the pictures on here. Christmas lights are one of my favorite things about this time of year! Merry Christmas to you and your family Stephanie :)

  2. All those Christmas lights!!!! Magical. Ellie doesn't get all the Christmas stuff either with Santa and presents and whatnot. She does get the tree this year. Like Owen, she enjoys rearranging the ornaments :) Great pictures of Owen with his father!

  3. Wow! Love those lights! So pretty. I bet Owen had a fantastic time!


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