Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's the End of the World as I Know it..........

No, no, there's no ancient prediction or a roof caving in (hopefully not anyway!)........but the time has finally come to the Sumulong household that I have been dreading.  Dreading, I tell you!  It's........the end.....of the daily nap!  Gasp!  Shock!  Horrors!

Yes, yes, I know there are some of you out there laughing at me or even saying, "Too bad, honey.  That's been my life for several years now."  or some other choice words.  And that's OK........I get it now.  I realize just how lucky I've been to have a 4 1/2 year old nap for 2 hours (or more) everyday.  Every. Day.  Until now.  Ugh.

Losing nap time has been something I've been waiting to happen for awhile now.  Owen's got much more stamina than he used to have and I've noticed that he just doesn't seem to require a nap everyday as was the norm the last few years.

Problem is......MOM isn't ready for him to give that nap up!  I get a lot of work done during that time that I probably wouldn't otherwise, especially now that I've taken on a new role with the IDSC.  I need every minute.  So on the days when it's clear he is not going to fall asleep, I bring out his container of books, turn his "sleepy time" music on and tell him "It's time for rest".   I also learned the hard way to pull up his blinds unless I plan to buy new ones every week.  Some days he falls asleep for a bit, while other days you can hear him jabbering away, obviously telling his Sesame Street babies what a travesty it is that his mother won't let him roam free!

When he first started boycotting nap time, I would notice that he would get really tired and whiny at 6:30pm or so.  But lately he seems to have adjusted and is still pretty chipper when it's time for bed at 8pm on those no-nap days.  This is probably good practice for next year when it's full day Kindergarten time.  Seriously, did I just write that I'm going to have a Kindergartner soon enough?

So laugh away, all of those moms who've already been dealing with this phenomenon for some time.  I can't say I'm happy to join your ranks, but maybe if we all just have a drink, we'll get through this together?!


  1. Sympathy! Nap time is golden. I think continuing to have "rest time" is good. We still do "quiet time" with my older two (8 and 5) on the weekends in the afternoon, and in the summer when they are not in school. Everybody has to go to his/her own room and nap, read or play quietly. I need the mental space/break - whether I use it to accomplish something or I take a nap too. :)

  2. My kids had "quiet time" all through elementary school. Just an hour, but I NEEDED that hour! They were usually reading, playing with cars or something quiet, and in their rooms. It was right after school when they came home so they could wind down and I had time to go through backpacks, etc. And...I hate to tell you...but I have a 10 year old who still takes a nap every day! Guess what? I'm right there with him because I need it!

  3. Ya, we just lost the nap here too! It is actually quite an adjustment because I relied on that two hour alone time while he slept. Now I don't have any free time to myself! Russell is actually a little in between though...If he doesn't nap he is super tired and cranky and unbearable to be around for the last couple hours in the day...And then he will go down for the night around 6:30pm! But...If he does nap he will be up until 11pm at night! So right now we just try to play it by ear. If he seems super tired around noon I don't force him to stay awake, but then I know I'm in for a long night! lol

  4. Nooooooo!!!! I am sorry, Stephanie. Naptime is so important--for kids and us moms!

  5. Oh man...I will hold on to Bax's naptime for as long as I can!

  6. Oh man, that's terrible news! I know how you feel. When my 4 year old stopped napping a year ago I think I cried. It was too soon. I couldn't get him to do it anymore. That was my only me time. Sigh...that's life I guess. Hopefully you can still get your stuff done while he's entertained! ;)


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