Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Owen's Thankful Wish List?

Last week I was taking things out of Owen's backpack and I found this little gem and had quite a good laugh.

As you can see, it's supposed to be what Owen is thankful for.......but to me it looks like part of a wish list too.  I mean, I'm pretty sure we don't have a pet monkey in our house--unless Owen's climbing antics qualify him!  And we don't have a dog right now; we did when Owen was an infant but Daisy had cancer and crossed the Rainbow Bridge when O was 7 months old.  Maybe he just really liked that cute dog?!

Apparently when his teacher told him to find a picture of mom and dad from all the magazine cut outs they had, he found one of mom rather quickly.  I think he did pretty good (and I wish I was that thin!).  For dad, he spent A LOT of time searching through the dudes available, according to his teacher.  I'm guessing it was hard to find one that liked quite right to him.  I have to applaud his effort.

The funniest part of what he's thankful for?  Those Pringles!  He's a salty snacker--he enjoys a good chip or cracker.  I hope his teacher doesn't think that's the only thing we have in our house for food.

I'm just thankful for that sweet boy........and maybe he'll find a short can of Pringles in his stocking this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. You better get cracking on buying that monkey! Love the Pringles! We had a like and dislike worksheet filled with PECs and apparently Ellie doesn't like candy. Uh huh, from the child who asks for it daily.

  2. Ha! That's great! Had to laugh about the dog...Kayla does the same thing. If someone asks her if she has a pet, or a dog, she'll say, "Yeah Romeo and Sampson" - those are our neighbor's dogs! Even today her teacher asked me if we had a dog because she wanted to put it on her timeline they were doing.

  3. Oh man, this is too cute!! That boy needs a puppy for Christmas :D


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