Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Things

**This is a blog hop in coordination with IDSC (International Down Syndrome Coalition)**

As Down syndrome awareness month comes to a close, I give you 5 Things I want the world to know about Owen:

1.  He is Owen.  He is not a "Downs kid".  He is a 4 year old boy.  He has Down syndrome; he is not Down syndrome.  He is himself and he is like no one else.

2.  He understands the art of a trick.  When Dad has his cell phone in his hand, Owen will give him a hug with one arm, swipe the phone with the other and then run off to see if he can find baseball or basketball clips online. 

3.  He can be stubborn, happy, sad, angry, frustrated.  You know why?  Because he's a human being, not because he has Down syndrome.  Humans have emotions........and let me to tell you that if Owen is unhappy, he's gonna let you know it!

4.  He is smart.  He knows stuff that I don't even know he knows!  He loves to learn and he loves school.  He might not be able to tell us everything he can do, but he definitely shows you if given the chance.

5.  He is loved.  By so many people for who he is and the funny things he does.  He is fiercely loved by Mom and Dad who would and will do anything for him.  He is our greatest treasure.

My handsome little preschooler!


  1. Perfect :)...I love his school pic too! He looks so handsome and grown up in it!

  2. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love his school picture, he's growing up too fast!

  4. Hello! I thought it's time I "catch up" on what Owen is doing. It was fun to see his 4-year old picture (he's as cute as ever) and also the picture of "Owen's Crew." He is quite the traveler! I also enjoyed seeing some familiar pictures from St. Augustine. Great place to visit. Take care. Carol


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